27 June 2010

July Launch of this Blog

I plan to launch this blog on July 5, 2010. Due to the unpredictability of the migraines, I will not be able to make daily posts, but plan for three to four posts per week.

Under the general subject of spirituality and chronic pain, topics I will explore include:
* The spiritual isolation of chronic pain
* Meditation's ability to change the perception of pain
* How gratitude grows out of pain
* So where IS God in all of this?
* Do I really want to get well?
* Rejecting the temptation to play the victim
* The cost of being busy

In addition to the posts on the topics, Feature Segments will include:
* It Reminds Me of the Time (personal experiences that relate to the post's topic)
* Responding to Your Comments
* Painful Poetry (for fun)

I expect the blog to evolve over time and with input from you. I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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