10 March 2012

The Power of Honesty

I wanted to write a post this morning.  I thought I'd follow my usual routine of reviewing my notes in Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now, then spend an hour or two writing a post, the eleventh in this series.

Except that, come right down to it (come write down to it?), I am unable to muster the energy because this morning I have a migraine, which is not unusual; and I am low in spirits, which is unusual. 

I don't care to act the victim, or at least I try to catch myself when that temptation arises.  So I'm not vying for sympathy, here.  It's just that some days are harder than others, and there's no clear reason why, it just simply is that way.  I don't judge this mood, I don't wish it away, I take a deep breath and accept it as what is Now.  I am human, though, and I cannot resist just this one comment:

Chronic pain sucks.


  1. Sounds to me like your a great practitioner of mindfulness. Acknowledging all that is, not judging it, but all the while being true to it! The point of inner "peace" to me is not to irradicate negative emotions...those will ALWAYS be with us...but rather to be able to be friendly with them and not let them rule our lives. This is a beautiful example of what I strive for in my mindfulness practice. Thank you, Carol!

  2. I hear you and second that :)

    Hope tomorrow will be better.

  3. Migrainista: The next day was better -- thanks for the well-wishes.

    Cristina: Your phrase about negative emotions, "be friendly with them," is spot-on. And thanks for getting the point of this post!