11 February 2013

Reading Mariechild Together: Made Precious in Pain

What in your life is made precious in pain?

Finally the oyster knows itself
to be not different from the pearl:
soft flesh made precious in pain,
all a jewell in God's fiery sea.

How do you understand that you are not different from the pearls of pain in your life? Anne Morrow Lindbergh, who wrote the above verse, lived in a terribly unhappy marriage and suffered the kidnapping and death of her 20 month old first-born. She was no stranger to pain, and so she could write such wise and ultimately hopeful words.

I have a bad migraine today, the third day that it has plagued me despite rest, medication, and more rest. This is such a good day for me to think about what in my life is made precious in pain:

 I feel greater love and gratitude for my husband
 I have an increased ability for stillness and deep peace
 There is very little I take for granted
 My little dog gets so much more of my time, and I of hers
 I have enrolled in a low-residency program and will have an MFA in 2014

I would really rather not have these migraines. Yet the soft flesh has been made precious in pain and I have pearls. I have pearls!

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