17 March 2013

Reading Mariechild Together: Give From A Sacred Space

A tantra is a saying that embodies profound and sacred matters and so brings liberation; another meaning is as a body of teachings, a spiritual science. It can also mean all of the practices and wisdom found in the tantric scripture. The word itself is a Western construct that explains Eastern spirituality to Westerners; as such, it is associated with the Hindu religion.

The verse for today in Mariechild's Open Mind -- Women's Daily Inspirations for Becoming Mindful, is called a tantra. It's a wisdom saying from the East, from Hinduism.

It reminds me somewhat of the Old Testament sayings about women in Proverbs 31. Strength and Splendor are her clothing and smilingly she awaits her last day. She opens her mouth with Wisdom and the teaching of Kindness is on her tongue.

When we women read such passages, do we believe them?

My fear is that, for most of us, we do not -- not inside our hearts, not at the core of our being.

We have heard too much for too long about how we are less worthy than men; how our essentially feminine characteristics and inclinations and intuitions are sources of weakness and dependency at best, savage excuses for our oppression and abuse at worst.

If, without overweening pride or self-absorbed egoism, we truly believed and lived into and made tantras of these sayings, what would we be like? What would the world be like?

There is no jewel rarer than woman.

She girds her loins with might and strengthens her arms.

In woman is the form of all things.
How can we touch each other, my sisters?
We keep our tenderness alive and the nourishment of the earth green.
Look at me
I am not a separate
I am a continuance
of blue sky...
A night wind woman...

What would we be like?

What would the world be like?

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