03 April 2013

Reading Mariechild Together: Just Today

A friend who follows my blog contacted me early this week to find out why I hadn't posted recently. I felt grateful for her thoughtfulness (I had a virus that didn't seem to want to go away) and kind of excited, really, because, from her home in El Salvador, she is maintaining connection with me. I just like the thought of that: my dear friend, Janet, reading my blog so faithfully that she notices when I don't post.

All this has nothing to do with today's entry in Diane Mariechild's Open Mind -- Womens' Daily Inspiration for Becoming Mindful. Aside from really liking the poem by Lynn Park  --

The fruits of consecration
are sweetness and patience
sureness in the middle of panic and confusion
when baboons put on business suits.

 -- and the way the unexpectedness of the final line makes me smile,  I cannot relate because the rest of the reflection is about greed. It's just that today, sitting up, without fever, aches gone but still pretty weak, I just feel grateful and content and happy. Maybe tomorrow I will deal with my greed -- which I know is there.

But for today, pleasure in the small things: a cup of tea, a clearer mind, sun pouring in my window, a far-away friend who cares.

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