29 May 2013

Reading Mariechild Together: Deep Seeing

I have not posted in a week because I have been concentrating on completing a school assignment. Having just now emailed it to my mentor, I am ready to resume blogging.

Mariechild's reflection for today (in Open Mind -- Women's Daily Inspirations for Becoming Mindful) talks about deep seeing: becoming present to the immediate experience; noticing what we are seeing.

"'Let us, through our movements, open in our bodies to the freshness of the air and the life above us, around us, and below us. Let us open and accept it.' ...We don't often do this...[t]he mind becomes busy with comparisons, evaluations and memories."

All very well and good if one is healthy and pain-free. Not so well and good if one is suffering with, say, a migraine. Who can do all that -- open, accept, notice -- when physical pain seems overwhelming?

Yet the advice holds, because when we allow ourselves to expand in awareness beyond our misery, we create a cushioning space around the misery. However, this is really hard to do for the first time when in the midst of pain, so it's better to practice when feeling relatively well. Making perceiving and noticing a habit means that it is readily available when we are suffering.

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