01 January 2015

Holiday Strategies -- Boiling Beans, Burns and Inner Peace

I often say I write this blog mostly for myself. That it seems sometimes to help or encourage others is gratifying, but I need it as much as anyone.

Case in point: I got first- and second-degree burns when I spilled a pot of boiling beans a couple days ago. The burned area extends from just below my rib cage to my upper thigh on my right side. The wounds are messy and they hurt. I can't wear any clothing except a caftan or nightgown. I can't go to the gym. Can't even walk my dog. And the nurse on the advice line said it may be two weeks until I am fully healed.

Yesterday I complained a lot about not being able to do anything. I was restless and unhappy. Then this morning I realized I had relinquished my inner peace to these burns on my stomach.

Photo by William Marsh

That boiling pots of beans has given me an opportunity to practice maintaining inner peace. What a great way to begin 2015.

Happy New Year to all of you.

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  1. This is giving me pause-a good kind of pause. As I was talking to you that day on the phone, I had NO IDEA the injury was so bad....

    Love you!


  2. Joan -- I was trying to stay calm, but the truth is I was also in a bit of denial. Within six hours of burning myself I was trying to figure out how to get to the gym the next day. When the extent of the damage really hit me, after about 48 hours, I got agitated. Then I wrote this post to remind myself about inner peace. Like I say, I need this blog more than anyone :). Lots of love.

  3. As you know I am also on the injured reserve list. I find this post very timely as I have and will be spending much needed time finding inner peace. Bless you. Will

  4. Will -- You have kept up with this blog for a while, so you know there are lots of posts about the practices that engender inner peace despite pain. I pray for your healing.