12 January 2013

Reading Mariechild Together: Exploring Pain

Today's reading is related to much of what I have written in this blog over the past couple of years. It seems as familiar as an old glove. Why attempt to say it all again when the miracles of technology allow me to create links to relevant posts?

In Ayya Khema's quote at the top of the page, she mentions feeling "the skin under the skin." I also like the way Eckhart Tolle talks about the "inner body." In the Labels column to the right of this text, you will find "inner body." When you click on that, you will have the posts.

Mariechild speaks of exploring pain with "deep interest and attention." Here are two posts with my own take on that concept, what I call "befriending pain": Link to first post; and link  to second post.

I have also written about using what Mariechild calls "mindful movement," and that I learned from Eckhart Tolle to call "inhabiting the body." Here is a link to that post.

Did anyone try the treeness exercise yesterday? I must confess that I did not, being down with a migraine and then battling a bit of stomach flu. But I think it important for me to try the practices that Mariechild mentions if I am sincere about becoming more mindful and open. At the end of each month, I think I will list all the practices suggested for that month, and then we will have an easily accessible list for a reminder.

I would love to hear from you. Please use the Comment box below, or email me at carold.marsh@gmail.com. Thank you.


  1. Just got my book in the mail, and began with today's reading! I plan to go back and read all the others, though. I'm looking forward to following along day by day with you and others.

  2. Cristina: It means so much to me that you are joining us. I look forward to you sharing wisdom and strength with us.