20 January 2013

Reading Mariechild Together: Guest Post by Joan M. Sparks

This is Joan, Carol's "big" sister.

Carol and I shared many things growing up. Of course we shared a family life with a sister, brother, and two parents committed to their relationship and their children. Our outside activities were also shared. We competed on swim teams together, although very differently. I was a distance swimmer, and breaststroker. Carol was a very fast sprinter. So many exciting meets rested on her shoulders during the final relay which she anchored. She was amazing- always winning, often against all odds.

We also share a love of music. Her voice is truly stunning. It seems to come from her heart. We shared the stage several times: both soloists, or she in the choir and I in the orchestra. Those shared memories are precious to me.

And, we share a family member, who has chosen to leave our lives.

It is with a sense of irony that I read today's, January 20, entry in "Open Mind" by Diane Mariechild.


Our loss has not been sudden, however, but a slow, sad decrescendo of what had been a loving and dear relationship. And then, in the midst of acrimony, this once dear person has withdrawn from us.

But in this loss, I have regained my relationship with Carol, with whom I share so many memories, passions, and now, these readings. Sharing this experience, our thoughts, our feelings about these exceptional readings is now something I look forward to on a daily basis.

I am drawn to my sister, who suffers much, but gives back with a generous heart.

So in this loss, I am sustained by the rebirth of something precious. And that is what today's reading is all about.

With a grateful heart, I write this for Carol. And myself.
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